Renewal of annual SIM related fee .

Please choose carefully, from the drop-down menu, the correct code for the desired monthly PLAFOND

These are the codes available :

    annual fee renewal with 500 MB ceiling per month
    annual fee renewal with 1 GB ceiling per month
    annual fee renewal with 10 GB ceiling per month
    annual fee renewal with 50 GB ceiling per month

N.B. : When completing the order, please enter the serial number of the router under the barcode in the label on the device in the notes.



WARNING: SIM connectivity is renewed for 12 months.
     Please inform us of your wish to renew connectivity before the expiry date, otherwise the SIM will be irrevocably deactivated.     

For RENEWAL : Enter in the order notes the Connectivity Bundle
serial number which consists of 19 numeric digits ( e.g. 8939123456789123456 )

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