IP67 digital radiation sensor of silicon technology with RS485 port, 0..1400 W / sq m, with measurement of cell temperature, incl. 3m cable.

Complete with an external probe for ambient temperature (SIN.TAMB).
Power supply: DC 12..48V.

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Solar Cell

Monocrystalline silicon (50 mm x 33 mm)

Operating temperature

from -35 °C to 80 °C

Electrical connection

Case, protection mode

Dimension, weight

Customs number for all sensors    



Galvanic isolation

3 m shielded cable

Powder-coated aluminum, IP 65

155 mm x 85 mm x 39 mm, approx. 350 to 470 g

85 41 40 90

M&T (type -MT), MODBUS RTU (type -MB)

RS485 up to 38.4 kBaud

1.000 V between power supply and bus 

Power supply

24 VDC (12 to 28 VDC) typic 25 mA


Error (irradiance) with temperature compensation
compared to pyranometer within the operating range  
from -20 °C to 70 °C 

± 5 %
and vertical beam of irradiation

± 1,0 °C (-20 °C ÷ 70 °C) / ± 2,0 °C (-20 °C ÷ 85 °C)

We are SINAPSI, we are Italian and we have been passionately involved for almost 20 years in engineering, producing and distributing
devices and systems for monitoring consumption, energy and all sizes in the field.
Through our work we believe and want to generate savings, sustainability and give value to those who use our devices and contribute to a better world.