KIT110SMART Integrator


KIT solution for creating KNX home automation systems with integrated thermal/electric consumption management.

The kit makes it possible to "unlock" the 110 superbonus ceiling for automation systems, making it possible to create integrated home automation and consumption analysis systems for energy efficiency, based on KNX (and/or Modbus) communication.

With this kit dedicated to system integrators, it becomes possible to integrate the consumption data of the heating system (requires the installation of an M-Bus heat meter) and electricity (checks compatibility with your meter through ALFA START) into KNX home automation systems. Consumption data can also be transferred over Modbus RTU/TCP protocol.

It consists of the following components:

  • Datalogger for M-Bus meter reading SIN.IOMETER2G, ALFA: user device for 2.0 Open Meter reading
  • SIN.GBOX, Gateway for interfacing ALFA/RTUEVO1T in KNX and/or Modbus systems S
  • IN.AL60W24VDCHD, 24V DC power supply for RTUEVO1T and G-BOX
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